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The DIAS® Line of products includes two collagen supplements: DIAS® Collagen and DIAS® Beauty Collagen for healthy muscles, tendons, cartilages, joints, skin, nails and hair.

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Collagen Quattro complex ™, with a balanced ratio of Collagen type I, II, III and native Collagen

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Unique combination for natural rich hair, hydrated skin and healthy nails

Collagen is a type of protein which plays an important role in maintaining the elasticity to connective tissues including tendons, muscles, joints and ligaments. 


As people age, their bodies naturally produce less collagen. Losing collagen may lead to a loss of skin elasticity, overall flexibility, joint pain or osteoarthritis. 

Using collagen as a food supplement may improve your skin health, help relieve joint pain, prevent bone loss, increase muscle mass and increase the strength of hair and nails.

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