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We are a manufacturer of branded nutraceuticals such as herbal products, food supplements which include vitamins and minerals, and medical devices.

Our brand, 'Agetis', means 'Leader' in the ancient Greek Doric dialect and fully embodies our aspiration to become a leading nutritional supplement brand globally.


AGETIS was established in 2005 in cooperation with Medochemie Ltd for the development, manufacture and distribution of its products. Medochemie Ltd. is a generics pharmaceutical manufacturer present in over 100 countries around the world. 


Our products are scientifically designed to offer nutritional support through the use of selected natural ingredients with pharmaceutical-grade quality for optimal health.


Located in Cyprus, today we sell in over 40 countries across the globe. 


2005  AGETIS is founded in Limassol, Cyprus

2006  First Food Supplements launched 

2013  Sales operations begins in the Far East

2014  Clinical Trial on Evelor published 

2016  Launch of BioPure Max

2016  Sales operations begins in Africa 

2017  Kivalin, a kiwi-based extract, is launched

2018  The Dias Collagen range is launched

2019  Sales operations begins in MENA

2020  AGETIS gains ISO 13485 certification

2021  Agetis awarded Cyprus for the new innovative application of Oregano


Quality is at the forefront of everything we do. This extends from our choice of raw materials and ingredients suppliers, to the care we take across our business operations. 

AGETIS is ISO 13485:2016 - certified organisation and complies with Good Laboratory and Good Manufacturing Practices. 

Manufacturing of AGETIS products takes place at authorised facilities of Medochemie. 

Medochemie is an international pharmaceutical manufacturer with operations in over 100 countries. 

All manufacturing facilities are designed following the latest technology and fully comply with the current regulations for Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) of the European Union and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Science Lab
Test Tubes

AGETIS believes in evidence-backed science. This means that we invest in research and development designed to support our products. 

To date, we have performed 6 clinical trials and had results published in several peer-reviewed scientific journals. 

AGETIS works with leading pharmacies and other distribution channels in over 40 countries of operation. 

We have our own office network in 11 countries. 

In each case, we treat our marketing and distribution partners with professionalism. 

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